Who We Are

Hydro Carbide Tool Company is a leading manufacturer of pre-formed tungsten carbide compositions for a wide variety of markets. Using the latest technology, Hydro Carbide shapes tungsten carbide powders into customer specified configurations to meet their precise requirements.

Hydro Carbide blends tungsten carbide powders with cobalt binder products that are mechanically pressed by specially designed equipment, and then machined, sintered, and/or sinter/HZP, and then diamond wheel ground for exact size and geometry. The company produces a wide variety of compositions and blanks
for many industrial equipment OEMs.

Hydro Carbide also produces a diverse array of tungsten carbide rods, die parts, rolls, and other products for customers in specificĀ  markets. Hydro Carbide is a major supplier of nozzles, studs and substrates, valve parts, bearings, wear parts, compositions and blanks used in metal working, oil/energy applications, polycrystalline diamond production, can/containerĀ  making, fluid handling, rotary tool/die fabricating, rock and coal/petro drilling applications and other components to original equipment manufacturers.

In addition to the quality, purity, and precision of its products, Hydro Carbide is known for exceptional service and quick turnaround. We provide our customers with expert metallurgical assistance in formulating the best grade possible for their applications. Hydro Carbide offers customers a wide choice of available insert and composition grades.