Technical Assistance

Hydro Carbide’s technical staff can offer expert advice in product design, tungsten grade selection and problem solving. Our years of experience in the tungsten carbide industry coupled with our quality control and testing laboratory facilities allow our engineers to review your pre-form requirement(s), select the best performance grade for the application and recommend improvements to extend the wear life of the finished product(s). Whether you’re producing or using tungsten carbide saws, slitters, drills, end mills, mining tools, die or wear parts, Hydro Carbide’s technical and engineering staff are ready and available to assist you.

Product Testing / Quality Control

Certifications of all quality control test results on our products are available to you. Hydro Carbide’s quality control personnel have established standards for all tungsten carbide grades. Control checks are performed at each operation. Chemical analysis and grain size are checked to assure that all products conform to standards. Test pieces are made to determine physical properties: hardness, transverse rupture strength and density. Fractured and polished surfaces are examined micro-graphically, and test results of each lot are recorded. Certifications of these various test results are available.