Special Preformed Blanks

Hydro Carbide has the expertise and capability to produce a wide variety of preformed blanks. We can provide you with jobber length, ball nose, rods with centers (male or female), combination drill and countersink blanks, coolant hole blanks, step blanks, special and standard burrs, special preforms, tapered end mill blanks, centerless ground standards or specials, boring bar blanks and/or custom blanks.

For producers of end mills, drills, burrs, reamers, taps and a variety of other rotating tools, Hydro Carbide produces pressed and sintered rod in many standard grades and sizes. In addition to standard rods, special non-stock parts are available in all sizes and all grades. Delivery on these specials is usually two to three weeks. Hydro Carbide offers very competitive pricing and is a very low cost producer of special preformed rod and blanks for toolmakers.